After quite a while resting on my more or less laurels (past listings) it's time to get a move on and put up some more listings. My goal is five books every day from now on. This should be achievable, but not according to my past performance.

These books get listed in three places: on Amazon, Biblio, and Half. Books without ISBNs (older books) generally will not be listed on half. My prices might vary between these three places. Amazon and Half tell me competing prices, so I peg mine on them. Thus, if the lowest price for Deadly Percheron is $98 on Amazon, I might peg mine at $95. If it weren't my only copy maybe I'd be more reasonable. In fact, I think my Biblio listing is more reasonable.

Going forward (and possibly backward), links to titles of books will send you to the main Amazon listing. My listing will be somewhere amidst the other maybe 237 listings. This is where my photo of the book can be seen, which will probably be a better one than the one Amazon features. Half doesn't let me attach my own photo—at least I don't think it does. Photos are also at biblio. Lots of older listings still don't have photos. Nor updated prices.

I've been lousy at selling direct via email. Sorry about that, if you've tried me. Listing through the major portals keeps me honest—also prompt and reliable.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

12/30/04 THU:
---Here today from VHPS:
Datlow, Ellen (ed) THE DARK: New Ghost Stories, Tor, 10/03, 1st edn, new in dj 25.95
--- and Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant (eds) THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR: Seventeenth Annual Collection, St. Martin's Griffin, 8/04, 1st edn, (more than 350,000 words of the finest fantasy and horror; includes special section on Anime & Manga), {hc in dj available @ $35}, new 19.95

de Camp, L. Sprague, Lin Carter & Björn Nyberg SAGAS OF CONAN: Three Conan Novels in One Volume, Tor, 2nd, (collects Conan the Swordsman, Conan the Liberator & Conan and the Spider God; originally published 1978-80), new 18.95

De Lint, Charles SPIRITS IN THE WIRES, Tor, 9/04, (a novel of myth and magic--on the streets and on The Net), new 14.95

Dozois, Gardner (ed) THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: Twenty-First Annual Collection, St. Martin's Griffin, 7/04, 1st edn, (more than 300,000 words of fantastic fiction), {hc in dj available @ $35}, new 19.95

Etchison, Dennis, Ramsey Campbell & Jack Dann (eds) GATHERING THE BONES: Original Stories from the World’s Masters of Horror, Tor, 8/03, 1st edn, new 15.95

Holdstock, Robert MYTHAGO WOOD, Orb, 3rd, (one of the true fantasy classics of our time; winner of The World Fantasy Award), new 14.95

Hughes, Matthew BLACK BRILLION, Tor, 11/04, 1st edn, (A Novel of the Archonate), new in dj 23.95

Lumley, Brian HARRY KEOGH: NECROSCOPE and Other Weird Heroes, Tor, 7/03, (three new tales of the Necroscope plus classic stories of Titus Crow & David Hero!), new in dj 25.95

Reed, Robert SISTER ALICE, Tor, 10/03, 1st edn, (linked stories; far future), new in dj 25.95

Vance, Jack LURULU, Tor, 12/04, 1st edn, (sequel to Ports of Call), new in dj 22.95

Wilson, Robert Charles BLIND LAKE, Tor, 2nd, (gripping tale of alien contact and human love in a mysterious but hopeful universe), new in dj 24.95

Wolfe, Gene INNOCENTS ABOARD: New Fantasy Stories, Tor, 6/04, 1st edn, new in dj 25.95
---THE KNIGHT, Tor, 1/04, 1st edn, (Wizard Knight #1), new in dj 25.95
---THE WIZARD, Tor, 11/04, 1st edn, (Wizard Knight #2), new in dj 25.95

Wright, John C. THE GOLDEN TRANSCENDENCE or, The Last of the Masquerade, Tor, 11/03, 1st edn, (The Golden Age #3; grand space opera), new in dj 25.95
---THE LAST GUARDIAN OF EVERNESS, Tor, 8/04, 1st edn, (epic fantasy; Being the First Part of the War of the Dreaming), new in dj 25.95

---Back in stock:
Chiang, Ted STORIES OF YOUR LIFE and Others, Tor, 7/02, 1st edn, (multiple-award winning stories), {trade pb available @ 14.95}, new in dj 24.95

Clement, Hal HEAVY PLANET, Orb, 11/02, (the classic Mesklin stories), new 15.95

Vance, Jack ALASTOR, Orb, 7/02, (3-in-1 edn; collects Trullion: Alastor 2262, Marune: Alastor 933 & Wyst: Alastor 1716), new 14.95

Wilson, F. Paul THE BARRENS and Others, Forge, 12/00, (supernatural stories), new 15.95

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

12/29/04 WED:
---Here today from Galaxy Press:
Budrys, Algis (ed) L. RON HUBBARD Presents THE BEST OF WRITERS OF THE FUTURE, Bridge ('00), 1st edn, (top stories, essays, art from 16 years of program for new writers), new 14.95

Hubbard, L. Ron OLE DOC METHUSELAH, Bridge ('92), 1st thus, (The Intergalactic Adventures of the Soldier of Light; good-natured entertainment; orig: Astounding 1947-1950), new in dj 18.95
---SLAVES OF SLEEP & THE MASTERS OF SLEEP, Bridge ('93), (first time together with sequel; orig: Unknown 1939 & Fantastic Adventures 1950), new in dj 19.95
---TO THE STARS, Galaxy, 2nd, (orig; Astounding 1950), new in dj 24.95
---TYPEWRITER IN THE SKY, Bridge ('91), 1st thus, (orig: Unknown ‘40), new in dj 16.95
--- & Dave Wolverton A VERY STRANGE TRIP, Bridge ('99), 1st, (novelization of full-length Hubbard screenplay), new in dj 25.00

Hubbard, L. Ron GUNS OF MARK JARDINE, EMPTY SADDLES, SIX GUN CABALLERO, Bridge Audio ('93-96), (abridged westerns read by Geoffrey Lewis), cassettes, new (shrinkwrapped) each, 9.95

---Discount to members of discount plan on these is 30%.

---Apparently, Galaxy Publishing is the fiction-publisher of L. Ron Hubbard, having been split off from Bridge, which is now the publisher of his non-fiction. The three audiobook westerns I thought would be books, but it turns out they are only available as audiobooks on cassette.
---I remember going to book sales looking through the westerns for L. Ron Hubbard (as well as Sturgeon and Leinster and others), but never seemed to find too many. It looks like Bridge/Galaxy has a mammoth program of republishing all Hubbard’s pulp writing. As one of the greats of the Astounding/Unknown stable of writers, this seems as laudable as lots of the other pulp-reprint projects. I don’t know if what I hear is correct--that Hubbard was basically excommunicated from his own religion and the ten-volume Mission Earth series was really written by a team of ghost writers--and not very good ones. But the early fiction maybe deserves resuscitation. It is interesting to see these titles available now, in some okay-looking editions. As well, it seems that the Hubbard-founded Writers of the Future series has performed a valuable role in initiating the careers of some pretty decent writers--so although this religious-figure deification business makes me uneasy, I applaud some of its side-benefits. Scientology itself I am quite dubious about. But if it has kept the likes of Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley from being basket cases, then maybe there is something to it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

12/28/04 TUE:
---Some titles back in stock from PS Publishing:
Chadbourn, Mark THE FAIRY FELLER'S MASTER-STROKE, PS Publishing '02, 1st edn, one of 800 SIGNED copies, (Gaiman intro; 109 pages), new 16.00

Di Filippo, Paul FUZZY DICE, PS, 6/03, 1st edn, (Rucker intro), new in dj 50.00

Hand, Elizabeth BIBLIOMANCY: Four Novellas, PS, 10/03, 1st edn, one of 700 SIGNED copies, (Lucius Shepard intro), new in dj 50.00

Morris, Mark THE UGLIMEN, PS Publishing, 5/02, 1st edn, SIGNED, new in dj 40.00

Park, Paul NO TRAVELLER RETURNS, PS, 8/04, 1st edn, one of 800 SIGNED copies, (novella; Elizabeth Hand intro; 74 pages), new 16.00

Shepard, Lucius TRUJILLO: Stories, PS, 6/04, 1st edn, one of 700 total SIGNED copies, (Swanwick intro; 682 pages), new in dj 50.00
---and I still have one copy of:
---another copy of the preceding, one of 200 SIGNED copies, BOXED, new in dj $90

Wexler, Robert Freeman IN SPRINGDALE TOWN, PS '03, (Shepard intro), new 16.00

Monday, December 27, 2004

12/27/04 MON:
---Here today from Psychotronic:
PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO #41, '04, (The Magazine of Mass Destruction; Robert Fuest, Dr. Phibes, Ken Norton, Mandingo, Conny Van Dyke, Hell’s Angels ‘69, George W. In Hollywood, etc.), new 5.95

Thursday, December 23, 2004

12/23/04 THU:
---Finally getting around to dispatching an order off to Wheatland Press for their:
Polyphony, Volume 4
Twenty Questions / Oltion
American Sorrows / Lake
Knuckle Sandwiches / Smario
Thirteen Ways to Water / Bruce Holland Rogers
All Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories (pre-order)
Weapons of Mass Seduction (pre-order) / Shepard
Paradise Passed (pre-order) / Oltion
---Could it be that all this has come out since my last order? Indeed, all I see listed in my catalog now is Greetings from Lake Wu and Polyphony 1-3.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

12/22/04 WED:
---Here today from TTA:
THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE #40, win/04, (tenth anniversary issue; Steve Mohn, Paul Meloy, Melanie Fazi, David J. Schwartz, Eugie Foster, Bryan Talbot, Vandana Singh; Stephen Volk on horror films; The Dodo; Japan’s Dark Lanterns; reviews), new 7.00

---Looks like the bulk of what I have been waiting on from Wildside has now arrived. Only Adventure Stories #1 is still outstanding on the invoice--and already I have a few things for another order. Here today, some hardbacks (mostly of editions I also have in trade paperback):
Park, Paul THREE MARYS, Cosmos ('03), (luminous retelling of life of Christ), {trade pb still available @ $15}, new in dj 29.95

Sladek, John MAPS: The Uncollected…, Cosmos '03, (presents a brilliant overview of author's talents; David Langford [ed]), {trade pb still available @ 17.95}, new in dj 29.95

Smith, Clark Ashton THE DOUBLE SHADOW and Other Fantasies, Wildside ('03), (stories; fascinating introduction and showcase to author’s decadently jeweled prose; 108 pages), new in dj 29.95

Turner, Alice K. & Michael Andre-Driussi SNAKE'S HANDS: The Fiction of John Crowley, Cosmos/Wildside ('03), ( much expanded; 405 pp), {trade pb still available @ 19.99}, new in dj 49.95

---Catalogued a couple Ace Doubles (both appearing to be all originals):
F-123a/b Silverberg/Brackett COLLISION COURSE/NEMESIS FROM TERRA, ('61), g 2.50
F-143a/b McNight, Bob/Fox, Clayton A STONE AROUND HER NECK/END OF A BIG WHEEL, ('62), (mystery; To Know Her Was To Know Fear/In This Union There Was - Death), g 3.00

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

12/21/04 TUE:
---Another book has trickled in from Wildside:
Szumskyj, Ben J.S. & S.T. Joshi (eds) FRITZ LEIBER AND H.P. LOVECRAFT: Writers of the Dark, Wildside '03, (presents Lovecraft’s letters to Leiber, an impressive selection of Leiber’s Lovecraft-inspired fiction, and a selection of Leiber’s fine essays on H.P. Lovecraft and Matters Lovecraftian; Szumskyj intro; Joshi afterword), new no dj issued (pictorial boards) 39.95

---Just added to my listings, bringing it through Schweitzer in the alphabet now.

---Dear Sams Club:
I appreciate the reminder that my membership has run out, but I knew it already. Thing is, I have decided not to renew. To get the products you carry at the prices you offer, I was willing to overlook your bullying of your suppliers and of your employees and of your competition--but your apparent decision not to stock Philip Roth’s bestselling novel The Plot Against America (at least I could never find it at your store), as well as other troubling decisions on what music and books your customers and WalMart’s customers can buy, amounts to nothing less than censorship in my book.
As a bookseller myself I make decisions on what I carry too, but the way I do it does not cause a chilling effect on what publishers or music labels will produce, as does yours. I do not approve of you having such a powerful position--in the world of business maybe; but not in the world of ideas and art. I don’t think you are qualified in any way to wield power in that sphere.
Thank goodness a Costco has moved in down the street, just when my Sams Club
membership expired.

Monday, December 20, 2004

12/20/04 MON:
---Back in stock from Wildside (an outsized paperback):
Joshi, S.T. H.P. LOVECRAFT: The Decline of the West, Wildside, nd, (orig: Starmont, 1990), new 19.95

---Finally sent a couple mass emails to my email list--an attempt to mine that vein a little bit after much neglect. They will probably decide this is too much now even after nothing for so long. Somewhat discombobulating, the onrush of responses, even within five minutes, but I will try to not be overwhelmed, especially since most of them do not involve actual orders (at least so far)--lots of them are notices of outdated addresses or of already full inboxes.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

12/18/04 SAT:
---Here today from Wildside, bringing the order to within a half-dozen of fulfillment (hardcovers and outsized pbs remaining, it seems):
Blackwood, Algernon THE EXTRA DAY, Wildside, nd, (orig: 9/15), new 19.95

Collins, Paul STALKING MIDNIGHT, Cosmos ('01), (stories), new 15.99

Dingle, Captain A.E. OUT OF THE WRECK and Other Nautical Tales From the Pulps, Wildside '04, (enthralling high-seas mystery for the discerning connoisseur, including one featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson!), new 14.99

Langford, David THE COMPLETE CRITCAL ASSEMBLY: The Complete White Dwarf (and GM, and GMI) SF Review Columns, Cosmos ('02), new 15.00
---and finding myself in the index, too!

Price, E. Hoffmann SATAN'S DAUGHTER and Other Tales From the Pulps, Wildside ('04), (pulp stories at their pulpiest from a master; Schweitzer intro), new 15.95

Sladek, John MAPS: The Uncollected…, Cosmos '03, (David Langford [ed]), new 17.95
---WHOLLY SMOKES: Puff Love, Cosmos ('03), (author's last book), new 15.00

Stacpoole, H. de Vere THE SLAYER and Other Tales From the Pulps, Wildside ('04), (full of the langour of the tropics, the hypnotism of the “meadows of gold”, and the “eternal song of the Southern Seas; special magic weaved by author of The Blue Lagoon), new 15.95

Steele, Curtis OPERATOR #5: Blood Reign of the Dictator, Wildside Pulp Classic, nd, (orig: 5/35), new 12.95

---Back in stock:
FANTASY ANNUAL #3, 12/99, Cosmos/Wildside, (new stories by Tubb, High, Bounds, etc.), new 12.00
---#4, Cosmos/Wildside '00, (orignals by Bounds, Fearn, High, Tubb, etc.), new 12.00
---#5, Cosmos ('03), (Bayley, Fearn, Dan Morgan), new 16.99

Haggard, H. Rider THE WITCH'S HEAD, Wildside '99, (photo-reprint), new 19.50

Rohmer, Sax TALES OF CHINATOWN, Wildside ('02), new 17.50

Turner, Alice K. & Michael Andre-Driussi SNAKE'S HANDS: The Fiction of John Crowley, Cosmos/Wildside ('03), ( much expanded; 405 pp), new 19.99

---And from PS Publishing:
POSTSCRIPTS #2, sum/04, PS, (Rhys Hughes, Jack Dann, Brian Hopkins, Robert B. Parker, Mike Resnick, Adam Roberts, RobertSheckley, Michael Marshall Smith, etc.), as new 10.00

Thursday, December 16, 2004

12/16/04 THU:
---I did get that VHPS order (alluded to yesterday) sent out--mostly a bare-bones'er: getting things people have asked for, but holding off on restocks of sold out books--or even checking Locus for their new releases. There seemed to be enough I need already, although it is a much smaller order than in the past. Maybe now when the books come it won't be such a bottleneck. I still need to do the same thing with PGW and Simon & Schuster, among others. Now that I am getting on a roll, maybe it won't be so long.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

12/15/04 WED:
---Finally am working on orders to VHPS (St. Martin's, Tor, FSG, Holt, etc.) and Simon & Schuster (Pocket, iBooks, Scribners, et al.)

---Starting to get books from Wildside. Looks like about half the invoice so far--others no doubt coming from POD-central. So far today:
High, Philip E. THE BUTTERFLY PLANET, Cosmos ('00), new 15.00

Langford, David UP THROUGH AN EMPTY HOUSE OF STAIRS: Reviews and Essays 1980-2002, Cosmos ('03), (mixes serious critical insight with inimitable wit), new 21.95

Ligotti, Thomas THE THOMAS LIGOTTI READER: Essays and Explorations, Wildside ('03), (includes two interviews & Ligotti essay, up-to-date bibliography), new 19.95

LOVECRAFT'S MAGAZINE OF HORROR, H.P...., #1, sum/04, Wildside, (films of HPL, Ramsey Campbell interview, T. Lee, H. Phillips, T. Pratt, M. Jasper, D. Schweitzer), new 5.99
---#1.5, fall/04, (Niswander, C.S. Gardner, C.C. Finlay, 36 pages), new 2.95

Park, Paul THREE MARYS, Cosmos ('03), (luminous retelling of life of Christ, as witnessed by the women who knew him best), new 15.00

Pollotta, Nick & James Clay THAT DARN SQUID GOD, Wildside '04, 1st, autographed by Pollotta, (fantasy; rewrites literary history; heavily laced with their trademark off-the-wall humor sprinkled with a light dusting of parody), new 15.95
---Don’t believe I ordered this: wonder what book I did order it replaces; not that I wouldn’t have ordered it--but there is just such a bewildering an array of Wildside titles.
Resnick, Mike ONCE A FAN…: The Selected Fannish Writings of…, Wildside ('02), new 17.50
---RESNICK AT LARGE, Wildside ('03), (speaks his mind on everything), new 19.95

Rodgers, Alan BONE MUSIC, Wildside, 2nd edn, new 16.95

Steele, Curtis OPERATOR #5: The Army of the Dead, Wildside, nd, (America’s Secret Service Ace; orig: 3/35), new 12.95

Stross, Charles TOAST, Cosmos ('04), (new edn; wildly original stories), new 17.95

Watt-Evans, Lawrence THE BLOOD OF A DRAGON: A Legend of Ethshar, Wildside ('01), 2nd Edn, (orig: Del Rey, 1991; adds Portrait of a Hero), new 15.95

---Need to get my order out to Publishers Group West (Carroll & Graf, North Atlantic, Four Walls Eight Windows, Underwood, et al.) any day now. I see that Amazon gives Jan 5 as the release date for Sturgeon’s Vol. 10 of his Collected Stories--always a pretty good seller for me.

---Tried to grip something slippery this morning, performing an update of Catalog file to be able to burn onto CDRs. I need to get the process worked out, because it is too unnerving the way I am doing it now: file names get changed or get named wrong or get saved in the wrong place--you have to really be paying attention. I tried saving one file (Misc Softcovers) as a Windows Word document, and that seemed to go well. Anyone wanting to test it--it will be on the disc. Or you could have me send it as an attached file.

---As usual, Michael Moore’s latest message seems to be right on the money.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

12/14/04 TUE:
---Here today from Tartarus:
Stevenson, Robert Louis THE SUICIDE CLUB & Other Dark Adventures, Tartarus '04, one of 400 copies, (Mark Valentine intro; 507 pp), new in dj 65.00

---Uploaded new batch of listings to, bringing them through Sarban in the alphabet. Next batch will be through Schweitzer, on threshold of the daunting “Science...” listings in Misc. Softcovers--all those individual magazine issues...

Monday, December 13, 2004

12/13/04 MON:
---Here today from Stark House:
Rabe, Peter MURDER ME FOR NICKELS/ BENNY MUSCLES IN, Stark House Noir Classics, 11/04, 1st thus, (two complete thrillers from 1955 and 1960; Gorman, Crider, Westlake appreciations), new 19.95

Saturday, December 11, 2004

12/11/04 SAT:
---Am downloading PDF of The William Gibson Blog for Jan to Sep/2003--looks like it might be interesting to browse around in. Comes to 93 pages. If I need to use up the ink cartridge in the printer for my out-phased downstairs (business) computer, I ought to print it out (easier for me to read that way). The PDF program down there sometimes acts ornery, though--as does the computer, although it still has its moments.

---Email rec’d:
Hi there,
I don't know if you are one and the same as drummbooks that sells on Amazon. I wanted to buy THREE copies of a book and can't figure out how to do so on Amazon and so thought I would try to contact the seller directly.

The book is:
The 101 Greatest Business Principals of all Times, published by Warner Business Books, and edited by Lesie Pockell with Adrienne Avila.

Price listed at Amazon is $4.55 per book.

Please let me know if you are the seller and if 3 copies are available. I can then give you a call or fax with payment information (or perhaps a website link?) I want to get these books to give as Xmas presents, so need ensure "in stock" or appropriate shipping time.

---Confusing name: drummbooks, especially since it does not seem to be me. I looked it up on Amazon and think I found their email to forward the above request. At least they seem to have a very high reliability rating, so that won’t sully my name if we get confused with each other. I hope I can reciprocate.

Friday, December 10, 2004

12/10/04 FRI:
---Email rec’d:
Was pulling together my book collection recently and your booklets (bought several Lafferty items from you in the mid 80s) surfaced. Glad to see you still in the saddle and, I assume, doing well. I notice your last postings (using Google) were in 1999; could not find an official web site. Best of luck and if you have an e-mail "mailing list", please put me on it.

---My reply:
Good to hear from you. I need to do something about that abandoned AOL site. I've forgotten how to do the uploads! Lately I have been using blogspot--that works a lot better for me than trying to maintain a regular website. I also am slowly putting my inventory on and have a data CDR I can send with my complete catalog on it in various formats.
I have added you to my emailing list, which I have not sent anything to in a very long while--a situation I hope to rectify soon.


Thursday, December 9, 2004

12/09/04 THU:
---A few used books catalogued today:
Baum, L. Frank DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD IN OZ, Reilly & Lee, nd (c. 40s), front foldown panel of dj with $2.50 price laid in, fr-g (pict. boards) $30
Baum, L. Frank OZMA OF OZ, Reilly & Lee, nd (c. 40s), blue cloth, fr-g (pictorial boards) 35.00
Baum, L. Frank THE ROAD TO OZ, Reilly & Lee, nd (c. 40s), blue cloth, fr-g (pictorial boards) 35.00
---Saw a similar copy in similar conditon listed for $95 on the web; possibly these Reilly & Lee L. Frank Baum books are worth a good deal more than what I am asking; they are not in real good condition, but they are hanging in there and have a good deal of patina; I think I would go for these over similar-priced new facsimile reprints (which I also have a few of still in stock)
Baum, L. Frank THE WIZARD OF OZ, Bobbs-Merrill ('44), fr-g in p dj (in tatters but illo intact) 10.00
Clarke, Arthur C. & Gentry Lee CRADLE, Warner, 8/88, (a novel), vg in dj $8
Clarke, Arthur C. 2061: ODYSSEY THREE, Del Rey, 1/88, 1st edn, vg in dj $10
Di Fate, Vincent & Ian Summers DI FATE'S CATALOG OF SCIENCE FICTION HARDWARE, Workman, 10/80, 1st, (visual survey of the mechanical marvels of the future), vg-f in dj 18.00
Froud, Brian & Alan Lee FAERIES, Book Club, nd, (art feast to revel in), vg+ in dj 6.00
Healy, Raymond J. & J. Francis McComas (eds) ADVENTURES IN TIME AND SPACE, Random House, ('46), (landmark anthology), g-vg $10
O'Connor,Philip F. DEFENDING CIVILIZATION, Weidenfeld & Nicolson '88, 1st edn, (novel laced with a comic, philosophical sadness; nebbishness under pressure, male bonding, peacetime army), vg-f in dj 15.00
---might be interesting to read in light of current events
Pohl, Frederik THE GATEWAY TRIP: Tales and Vignettes of the Heechee, Del Rey, 11/90, 1st edn, (illustrated by Frank Kelly Freas), vg+ in dj $10

book club ($3 each):
• Asimov FOUNDATION'S EDGE • Heinlein JOB: A Comedy of Justice • Pohl BEYOND THE BLUE EVENT HORIZON • ---GATEWAY

misc. softcovers:
ANALOG magazine, 2/70, (Birthright by Poul Anderson; pt 4 of Harry Harrison serial), fr-g 1.00

---Heard from USPS that a shipment from Wildside is in transit. Caught them in one of their quicker moments, I guess.

12/09/04 THU:
---Word from Overlook Connection:
Overlook Connection Press New Title Annoucements
New Titles Now Shipping! Stephen King on Jack Ketchum in Ent. Weekly
Hello Everyone!
Exciting news here recently at OCP. Stephen King annouced in the Nov. 19th issue of Ent. Weekly that "Jack Ketchum is probably the scariest guy in America." He mentioned our edition of OFF SEASON by Ketchum... cannibalism in Maine.. around Thanksgiving of course ;-). With that in mind, we've got some special signed plates for the trade paperback release (read more below). Please keep in mind our next newsletter to you will annouce OFFSPRING, the sequel to Off Season, coming in limited edition in April 2005. We'll have an annoucement with complete details later this month. The list price is $45.00 if you'd like to promote it early to your customers.
More books shipping below. So take a look and let us know what we can help you with.

Happy Holidays!

Dave Hinchberger
Publisher, OCP
See More about Off Season and Offspring by going to the Offseason Web Site Off Season - Special Signed Plates with each copy you order - First Come, First Served
The trade paperback edition is $21.95 and we'll give you a special signed plate by the author, with the cover reproduced in full color. It fits nicely inside the title page. We have a limited number, so take us up on this offfer before the Free Signed Plates are gone.

This is a perfect oppurtunity to start promoting OFFSPRING, the sequel to Off Season, when you offer Off Season to your customers. List price is $45.00.
The Silence Between the Screams by Lucy Taylor - See the Web Site here! The Silence Between The Screams by Lucy Taylor is Shipping !
Lucy Taylor's new collection, THE SILENCE BETWEEN THE SCREAMS, is now shipping. If you have already placed an order, the books have just shipped. $39.95

The signed limited, A Hairy Chest, A Big Dick, and a Harley is still in pre-production, but should be available to ship right after Christmas. It's 44.95 and features original cover art, interior art for each story, and signed by the author.
See More about the Bighead by Edward Lee at the Bighead Web Site The Bighead - Signed Limited Edition with Original Frontispiece Color Art !! Now Shipping!
The Bighead, Signed and Illustrated by Erik Wilson, features original frontispiece color art "only" available in this limited edition. And ONLY available thru OCP and YOU - the Specialty Bookstore. It cannot be bought thru any major chains... this is yours and yours alone! We have a list of specialty bookstores on our site that carry our products. If you are not on our web site yet, please let me know and I'll make sure you're added.

Now Available and Shipping $44.95 - Let us know if you need any more for your orders.
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You are welcome to use any information from our website to promote our titles. If you need something special, please let us know.

Thank you all for a wonderful year, and please let us know if we can be of further asisstance.

All our best from Overlook Connection Press
Overlook Connection Press

---Anyone wanting any of these, let me know. I don’t get as much call for the hardcore contemporary horror these days. Other places, specializing in this material seem to be going like gangbusters, and I used to sell it a good bit, when I utilized my full mailing list more efficaciously; but the way things have been going lately, I am somewhat loth to lay in new books that I don’t feel I have a ready market for with my present clientele.
---Discount on Overlook (and many others) would be 20% for members of discount plan, who include anybody that has become a member in the past two or three years, even if their membership has nominally expired. I routinely give one or two year free renewals (whatever it takes) to people who have not ordered in a while, and two month extensions with every order sent to people who have been regulars and whose membership is still not expired. What it amounts to is virtually lifetime memberships being offered rather than ones that have to be renewed yearly. The ongoing membership fee was intended as a way to cover the overhead of sending out catalogs, so the thin profit margin after giving discounts would still hold up. Now that my expenses are way down I don’t feel so justified in charging the fee. (But how will I pay for a new computer?)

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

12/08/04 WED:
---Sent the order to Wildside this morning. There were a few revisions based on feedback to my earlier post, which was great to be able to get. Also, a number of the titles were for replacement copies of books I had sold out of. I decided to put these back in the order file instead of trying to get now. Wildside has just so many titles, I can't even begin to try to carry them all. I am basically just getting the ones that people have specifically said they want.

---Also, I just sent a re-order for out-of-stock titles to PS Publishing (notably Trujillo and Bibliomancy). I notice they are raising their basic USA prices on their books--not unexpected considering the weakening value of the dollar. I will not modify the prices on books I already have in stock, but replacement copies coming in and, of course, new titles will reflect the change.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

12/07/04 TUE:
---Here today from Tartarus:
Cram, Rallph Adams BLACK SPIRITS AND WHITE: A Book of Ghost Stories, Tartarus '04, one of 300 copies, (orig: 1893-6; Dziemianowicz intro), new in dj 55.00

Sunday, December 5, 2004

12/05/04 SUN:

---At long last am working on an order for Wildside books. Maybe get it ready for print out to send tomorrow. Here are the books I have on the list so far:
Adventures Tales #1+ - Newsstand or Book Edition (Extra Content) -- issues available 15.95
Best of Sydney J. Bounds, Volume 2: The Wayward Ship and other Stories (TPB) $15.99
BLOOD OF A DRAGON / Watt-Evans 15.95
David Langford: The Complete Critical Assembly (2001).
Day the World Stopped / Coblentz 14.95
Dope, by Sax Rohmer (trade paperback) $17.95 (all for Held)
DOUBLE SHADOW / Clark Aston Smith , HC in dj
Dreamer's Tales, by Lord Dunsany (trade paperback) 15
FRITZ LEIBER & H.P. LOVECRAFT / Szumsky & Joshi hc
FROZEN DEEP / Collins 13.95
Galaxy of Strangers by Lloyd Biggle Jr. (TPB) 14.95
GARDEN OF SURVIVAL / Blackwood 13.95
Great World and the Small by Darrell Schweitzer 15
H.P. LOVECRAFT: The Decline of the West / Joshi 19.95
Harry Harrison: An Annotated Bibliography, by Paul Tomlinson (Compiler) 19.95
I HAVE THIS NIFTY IDEA / Resnick 22.00
LARKS WILL SING / Cave 15.00
Liquid Death and Other Stories, by John Russell Fearn 15.95
MOUTHFUL OF TONGUES / Di Filippo 29.95
Neil Gaiman's The Sandman and Joseph Campbell: In Search of the Modern Myth by Stephen Rauch
Next Door to the Sun, by Stanton Coblentz 14.95
Out of the Wreck and Other Nautical Tales from the Pulps $14.99
Paul Di Filippo ``Harp, Pipe, and Symphony'' Limited Edition Hardcover 45.00
Resnick at Large, by Mike Resnick (trade pb) Once a Fan..., by Mike Resnick (trade pb)
Satan's Daughter and Other Tales from the Pulps, by E. Hoffman Price (TPB) 15.95
SNAKE’S HANDS / Turner (hc) 49.95
SNAKE'S HANDS: The Fiction of John Crowley / Turner & Andre-Driussi 19.99
Spider Strain and Other Tales from the Pulps, by Johnston McCulley (tpb) 15.95
Tattoo Murders, by John Russell Fearn (TPB) 13.95
THAT DARN SQUID GOD / Polotta & Clay pb preferred
THREE MARYS / Park 29.95
THREE MARYS / Park tpb
TIME AND THE GODS / Dunsany 15.00
TOAST / Stross 15.00
TOAST / Stross (hc) 29.99
Under the Andes, by Rex Stout (TPB) 15.99
UNDER THE SUNSET / Stoker 15.95
UNSPEAKABLE and Others / Clore 19.95
Up Through an Empty House of Stars / Langford 21.95
WHOLLY SMOKES: PUFF LOVE / John Sladek 15.00

WITCH'S HEAD / Haggard 19.50
Hopefully I can get some other long-delayed orders to publishers sent out too.

Friday, December 3, 2004

12/03/04 FRI:
---Here today from Ash-Tree:
Smith, Lady Eleanor SATAN'S CIRCUS, Ash-Tree '04, (stories; orig: 1932; augmented edn; introduction by Christopher Roden), new in dj 47.50

---Also, word from Ash-Tree about:
...our new anthology of original supernatural fiction, ACQUAINTED WITH THE NIGHT.

The book will be available from mid-December onwards, and you'll see that we are offering an extremely competitively priced paperback option, to attract those readers who don't generally buy limited edition volumes.
The writers who have grafted hard on their stories deserve all the support we can give them, so please consider stocking and promoting the paperback to those who might not otherwise buy Ash-Tree books from you.

We really do support this collection with our strongest recommendation, and we hope you'll agree when you see it. PLEASE LET US KNOW, AS SOON AS YOU CAN, IF YOU WISH TO ADD PAPERBACKS TO YOUR NORMAL STANDING ORDER. Many thanks.

All best regards,
Christopher & Barbara

---Babbage has sent word that they are putting their books on sale to dealers, so I will take this occasion to offer my 30% discount:
We need to make room for a slew of titles coming out in 2005, so now's your chance to
Stock up on Babbage Press titles with our
(End-of-Year Sale

James P. Blaylock

Ramsey Campbell

Dennis Etchison

John Farris

Christa Faust

George R.R. Martin

William F. Nolan

Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

David J. Schow

John Shirley

John Skipp & Marc Levinthal

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Limited quantities left on some titles.

See the difference quality makes.

Also available from Menabrea Books:
Brian Muirhead & Walter Simon
The Mars Pathfinder Approach to Faster, Better, Cheaper

Coming in 2005
THE ELVIN SHIP by James P. Blaylock
THE STONE GIANT by James P. Blaylock
AUTUMN ANGELS by Arthur Byron Cover
THE PLATPUS OF DOOM by Arthur Byron Cover
LADY MADONNA by Nancy Holder (*a Babbage Press original collection)
THE NIGHT PEOPLE by Michael Reaves (*a Babbage Press original collection)
"Bluebound" by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (*a Babbage Press original chapbook)
CHILDREN OF THE SHROUD by Garfield Reeves-Stevens
NIGHTEYES by Garfield Reeves-Stevens
SILVER SCREAM edited by David J. Schow
THE SHAFT by David J. Schow
A SPLENDID CHAOS by John Shirley

2006 ?
LAND OF DREAMS by James P. Blaylock
AN EAST WIND COMING by Arthur Byron Cover
THE SOUND OF WINTER by Arthur Byron Cover
DARK MATTER by Garfield Reeves-Stevens
[perhaps the next Galen Sword book by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens]
FUNLAND by Garfield Reeves-Stevens
THE KILL RIFF by David J. Schow


"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it." --Chinese Proverb


---Word from Hippocampus:
Dear Bookseller:

Please be advised that our forthcoming release TALES OUT OF DUNWICH is delayed till January. However, our newly announced project THE STRANGE MUSIC OF ERICH ZANN (book + audio CD) is coming in December. A full blurb and pricing information is below. We hope that those with standing orders will take your usual quantities of this exciting product. Others, please advise what quantities are desired.

Best regards,
Derrick Hussey

We are pleased to announce a new line of books comprising original poetry, primarily in the fantastic vein. The first such release is "The Strange Music Of Erich Zann," a lengthy poem by R. Nemo Hill based upon the short story by HPL. This 52 page book features original cover art by Joe Wehrle, Jr., and comes with a CD of the poet reading the entire work.

In a forgotten street, the Rue d'Auseil, a demented musician's unearthly masterpiece cycles to a fever pitch. Abandoning himself to Zann's strange music, the listener is swept into a maelstrom of sound and visions. He is drawn into another realm . . . where something awaits. Inspired by the 20th century's master of the macabre, H. P. Lovecraft, the poet R. Nemo Hill weaves a nightmarish vision of madness and unreality. With hallucinatory clarity the classic tale of terror unfolds in new and unexpected ways.

by R. Nemo Hill
Based upon the short story by H. P. Lovecraft
December 2004: ISBN 0-9761592-6-0: Paperback + Audio CD: $15.00
Book: 52 pages + CD: approx. 80 min.

Hippocampus Press

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

12/01/04 WED:
---After the holidays threw me off my delicate balance again, I am striving mightily to recover what momentum I had just managed to build up. Yesterday the old downstairs (business) computer went back to its routine of putting out little popping noises instead of the reassurnig intonation it should emit on start-up. Accompanying the noises it froze and crashed several times before I managed to get everything on a zip disk to bring to the upstairs (family) computer. I was tempted to start doing my work up here, but any changes I make, if I go back downstairs, will not be easy to reinstate. It is easy to make upgraded versions of files, but not so easy to downgrade the upgrades. All that zipping did cause me to make a new catalog data batch (PDFs, RTFs, text files, and the Mac files I am working with) to burn to CD, for anyone interested. I can also save as Mac Word and various Windows Word documents, if anyone might wish it.
---After all that, it may be that the downstairs computer has gone back to behaving itself again for now, so I will see what I can do down there when I get the chance.

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